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On the other side of the lens (Photo: Doug McConnell)


Kamil is based in the Blue Mountains, near Sydney in Australia. He keeps randomly pressing the shutter hoping for the best and puts all his effort to figure out what this photography freelancing is actually about. If you cannot find him hanging on a rope with an enormously heavy camera in his hands (sorry Canon) or carrying heavily laden packs up a steep hill he is probably climbing or running around the Blue Mountains National Park.

Kamil also loves to take pictures of nature as he strongly believes that’s where people belong to and perhaps some day will come back to.

And yeah, as some of the work Kamil produces turns out all right he gets regularly published in magazines around the world and keeps selling his soul to the outdoor industry to show to people which equipment is the best.

Personal Journey

It all started about fifteen years ago back in the Czech Republic where I was born, when one day, my friends made me put on some weird ballet shoes, pointed at a cliff and said climb up! I got addicted to climbing right away and let it change my life.

The movements, the fear, the camaraderie, add the lifestyle and beautiful nature on top of that, and you end up with an awesome adventure cocktail of possibilities to kill your time. In fact, since then there have not been many weekends where I haven’t had rock climbing gear in my backpack—except for one notable break.

In 2005, I spent a few months in New Zealand with no rope, no climbing gear, and no climbing mates. Being without climbing would have been a disaster but for one small thing—a camera. For the first time, I was the proud, though very confused, owner of a camera with manual controls. All of a sudden, taking photos was not a point­and­shoot activity but a challenge as to how to capture the moments I could see or feel and translate them into a photograph.

I loved the fact that photography allowed you to freeze these little moments, ideally in some kind of creative way and store them forever. The tricky part was that I had no idea how to achieve that. I was facing a new puzzle, in a way not that different to solving climbing crux sequences. Again I got completely hooked on something, this time replacing rock climbing magazines with all the photography literature I could find in the New Zealand public libraries.

So when coming back home to the Czech Republic, I found myself with two addictions to manage and ended up doing what a proper addict would do. I combined my drugs and took them in double doses. And to some extent, it has stayed this way since.

As time moved on I moved too and currently live in Australia in the Blue Mountains which is a national park two hours west of Sydney. It is an amazing part of the world with breathtaking scenery of wild sandstone cliffs, ancient rain-forests, waterfalls and canyons which of course attracts adrenaline addicts from all over the world. A place which has so much to give that it must make every photographer happy. OK, maybe the ski addicts would miss a bit of that snowy powdery thingy ;-). 

So that is me in short. Thanks again for your visit!

I would love to hear from you! If you wish to contact me please use the form below or drop me an email on kamil@kamilsustiak.com.




Kamil Sustiak Adventure Photography

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