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And because I realize that even though you may be a fan of my work you may not want to see it everyday hanging above your kitchen table. The winner will have two options.

1) Choose any of the photos from my PRINT gallery


2) Pick your own photo and send it to me to be professionally edited to achieve the best possible result when printed.

Have you unleashed your creativity onto museum quality paper or canvas yet?

Paul Foley will expertly print your masterpiece with experience and skill to give your pictures the same Fine Art treatment he applies to his own award winning prints*. By using colour managed software and monitors as well as a large format 12 ink Canon printer Paul guarantees an art quality archival print ready for you to sign, frame and hang on your wall. He will make a free assessment of your file to check on its suitability to print and recommend a maximum print size. Just open a free DropBox account and send him a link. See details below.

*ADAPT Award for Photographic Reproduction (2006), ADAPT Award for Digital Imaging Excellence (2006)

For Photographers

So many of us enjoy the creativity of our personal photography. Whether made with a phone, expensive DSLR or anything in between your finest photographic moments deserve the best reproduction.

You are probably not going to use this service for every picture you make, however, for those times when everything clicks, doesn't your masterpiece deserve the foley fine art treatment? Paul Foley's custom print service is perfect for the enthusiast and pro alike and he'll even help you set up your processing software to get the best quality prints at the best value price. 

It is also perfect for anyone who’s made a great picture with their phone or simple camera and would love to see it as a fine art print on the wall. You don’t know (or care) about the technical details - you just want a beautiful print. Paul will fine tune the file so your creativity can shine on any wall.

For Artists

You work for hours (usually longer) creating your original art yet it is often sold at prices that don't properly reflect the time and materials involved. High quality archival reproductions on paper and canvas allow artists to charge a more realistic price for the original while making valuable sales of limited edition prints. 

Paul provides an economical art copy service and can set up your files so they are ready to print on demand. This means you don't have to commission multiple prints - you can print to order or in small batches if you wish. There is a one off fee for copying your art and preparing your files for print. From there you will be charged the Ready to Print pricing.

Copying charges and file prep differs according to type and size of art work and there are advantages in copying multiple artworks in a session. If you don't have a lot of items to do it can be worth your while to organise other artists and combine their items to copy in a single session. Please get in touch for more information, special paper requests or for a fixed price quote to copy your art work.

Ask about the multiple print layout that Paul can set up for you. It's an economical approach for artists and photographers selling limited editions.

Every order is safely packed and delivered in an extra wide tube or sturdy flat pack. A prompt replacement or full refund guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction. Prints can also be collected from The Framing Workshop in Sydney where you will be able tomeet Richard Ussher and discuss your framing requirements with the expert.

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Picture !!! I have taken pictures of or work with so many amazing people since the start of OnTheRope Photography. Some of the people have become my close friends. To some of them I have not even had a chance to say thanks. There are people following OnTheRope on social networks. People I have never met and presto (who despite that) are a big motivation factor for me to stay on track and follow my passion when days get a bit harder than planned. I owe a lot to all of YOU so I have been thinking how could I give something back. 


Picture !!! So after a bit of thinking I came up with the following idea. Every month there is going to be a few photos shared on my blog and social networks. And every month there is going to be one lucky winner who will receive a free large print of their choice. The only thing I would like to ask you to do is to share these photos on your preferred social network. 


Picture !!! Simple ... 24x16" large print of your choice. Professionally edited and printed on high quality paper.  

I realize that even though you may be a fan of my work you may not want to see it everyday hanging on above your kitchen table. So as the lucky winner you have two options.

1) Choose from any of the photos on my website


2) Pick your own photo and send it to me to be professionally edited to achieve the best possible result when printed.


1) Share any of the photos labeled with "SHARE & WIN" on your favorite social network (Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr)

2) There may be multiple photos each month. The more you share, the bigger is your chance to win ;-). So please follow me if you do not want to miss the SHARE & WIN posts.

3) If you are the winner I will get in touch with you and sort out the details.

If you have any questions please drop me an email ...