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Oscar's Hut2Hut 2018

What an amazing event the Oscars 100 Hut2Hut is. An event which is committed to help and improve the lives of children living with autism and at the same time a race or rather an experience which makes everyone go deep, struggle a ton but in the end find the best in themselves. Combine the physical and emotional ups and downs with the stunning landscapes around Mount Buller and all the amazing people around the race who offered their 💓 and ✋ and you end up with a dangerous cocktail of emotions which will make you come back again and again. So happy to be able to be a little part of this gathering of like-minded souls, meeting all the amazing people and trying to catch the raw emotions and freeze them forever. I had tears in my eyes quite a few times, hiding it behind the camera of course. Came back inspired and feeling alive. Big thanks to everyone for that!!

High quality prints from the event are available for sale, please get in touch if you want to fill up an empty space on your wall ;-).

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