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Printing process

All photos offered as fine-art prints have been passionately post-processed to provide a print of the highest quality. They are printed on archival quality Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper which is one of the finest photographic papers available today. Prints are produced in a professional lab on a Durst Lambda printer which uses light instead of ink to expose the image onto the photographic paper.

Well that is the technical part, still reasonably challenging to provide the highest quality results but in the end you pretty much cannot get it wrong if you follow certain workflow ... meticulously. The more interesting part for me is to transform my vision and memories onto this super quality but still a piece of a blank paper (no matter how much crystals it has got in it). The memories of those moments when I pressed the shutter and had to take a deep breath to believe it or screamed with an excitment to thank to my fellow climbers for making it happen, the moments when I knew I captured something special and at the same time felt so grateful and humble for that opportunity. Moments which make me follow my passion to keep looking for new challenges, destinations, friends and experience that addictive feeling again and again. 

When processing the fine art prints I made a promise to myself. A promise to keep experimenting, fine-tuning the image and pushing the adjustments until the final print resonates with me and my memories. Only that way I can feel like I am passing the moments I experienced to you as opposed to just selling you a print.

One last thing I would like to say here. If the photo you see on your screen resonates with you I can guarantee you will love the print when you see it in front of you. 


When buying your print you can choose whether you want the print to be framed or not. All framing options are of the highest quality available and made with attention to details. 

Unframed prints are the perfect option if you would like to frame the print yourself or save on the shipping costs.

Framed Prints

Acrylic Face Mount

Super slick, borderless and stylish. The face of the print is mounted to a crystal clear 6mm thick acrylic sheet. The clarity and sparkle of the acrylic enhances the colours and vibrancy of the print. Aluminium subframe is used to float the print from the wall which makes them look absolutely stunning especially in larger sizes. 

Premium Wooden Box Frame

The Premium Wooden Box Frame is a deeper frame (4cm) with the photograph mounted to the back which creates a gap between the image and the front face. The prints are mounted within a white mat (the bit of card with a window cut out that goes in front of the print). 

Standard Wooden Frame

Simple yet elegant wooden frame. Slimmer than the Premium Box Frame with the print mounted at the front face within a white mat (the bit of card with a window cut out that goes in front of the print). 

Note: As for the wooden frames, we use white wooden frame with UV resistance plexi-glass as compared to glass material to offer a better solution to protect the longevity of the photograph and is also safer when handling and shipping. The size (inch) specified on the product page is based on the size of the print not including the matting. The overall size of the framed print is going to be slightly larger. 


Unframed Prints

Unframed prints always come with a white border which gives you more possibilities when framing. When posted they are wrapped in protective acid free paper and sent in a cylindrical mailing tube. 


All unframed Limited Edition Prints include FREE shipping worldwide.

Framed prints are shipped approximately 4-6 weeks from the date payment is received. Unframed prints are delivered in approximately 2-3 weeks.


Every framed print is professionally packaged to prevent damage during transit. In the unlikely event that damage should occur during transit, we aim to resolve any problem quickly and to your complete satisfaction.


Original fine-art-print page info:

Thanks for your interest in my prints. Below is a gallery of featured photos which have been passionately fined tuned to provide the best result when printed.

If you would like to get any other photo from my online galleries printed please contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss the details with you and deliver a stunning print to you.

All photos are printed by a professional lab on Fujiflex Crystal Archive paper with a punchy metallic finish. To find out more about the printing process, shipping and framing options please check out the Print information page.

And lastly there is now a FREE shipping worldwide on any unframed prints of any size.

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