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Leura, 2780

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Photo of the Day

Kamil Sustiak

I went out last night to shoot the full moon and ended up witnessing this bush fire across the valley at Kings Tableland. I felt sorry and worried when I realized how close the fire was to the nearest houses. At the same time it was fascinating to watch the nature at full power. A quite rough reminder how small and temporary we are on this amazing planet.

Photo of the Day

Kamil Sustiak

I wanted to upload this pic last week but the internet refused it with a message - “Quota of snow photos from the Blue Mountains exceeded”. 

So here you go world … Australia & Snow. Leura mall last Friday early in the morning before the circus started.

Photo of the Day

Kamil Sustiak

Bentrovarto wall last Saturday just before the sun hit us and made this lovely day at Sublime Point even more awesome. Andrew Macfarlane solving the puzzle of Neil Monteith’s excellent route Sadomastication (26). And if you look very very hard you may spot some of the heroes of the North Face 100 down in the valley ;-)

Memorial Maria Luisa Photo Contest

Kamil Sustiak

Every year for the last 25 years a Memorial Maria Luisa Photo Contest takes place in Spain. The winners for 2014 have been selected and breathtaking galleries and slideshows have been put up online.

Felling grateful for making it among the highly commended photos in the Mountain Climbing category (

As always rock climbing photography is a team effort. So huge thanks goes to Michael and Tye for being such awesome arete-climbing models.

Don't Believe The Hype

Kamil Sustiak

It was a nice day at Boronia Point in the Blue Mountains. I was about to start complaining how hot it was and that it was not possible to climb anything hard when Holger turned up and showed me that it was not the weather which was the problem ;-)

He cruised one of the classics Don't Believe The Hype 29/8a. Actually he was so fast that I had just enough time to get above the crux, get everything sorted and snap this little sequence.

Thanks Holger, it was so nice to be so close to the action ...

Holger Moeller - Don't Believe The Hype 29/8a