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Photo of the Day - On the Move

Kamil Sustiak

I am sitting on a train to Prague. The next destination is US and I should be planning the next two months right now. Instead I am thinking about the last month I spent with my family and friends. It has been such a wonderful experience to see so many great and inspiring people again.

I am feeling extremely lucky to still have such strong bonds over here. It is almost like the time I have been living on the other side of the world has not changed much. I do not take this for granted and big big thanks goes to all of you who made this visit so good :-).

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Slackliner Manuel Kreissig in action in Verdon

Kamil Sustiak

I met Manuel in Verdon a few weeks back. Pretty much by accident while breaking some slacklining rules ;-). Despite this awkward moment it was very kind of him to let me catch this little sequence. Pretty impressive stuff Manuel ... Thanks!

Slackliner Manuel Kreissig in action

Slackliner Manuel Kreissig in action

Slackliner Manuel Kreissig in action