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Print Giveaway - final days to join

Kamil Sustiak

Hope you had a nice Christmas break and had a chance to spend some time with your loved ones.

Even though the year 2014 is over, there is still one unfinished business ahead. The last photo duel has not been closed yet so there is still a chance for you to win a FREE print of your choice.

The voting is closing on Sunday 11th January and everyone is welcomed to join. The registration takes only a few seconds ... just click on one of the photos below or follow this link. As always I am curious to see which photo of these two shots from Indian Creek is your favorite.

Jonas on Pat's Blue Ribbon (Indian Creek, USA)

Simon on Pente (Indian Creek, USA)

I hope you enjoyed the 2014 photo duels and if you have not happened to be the lucky winner so far do not worry there are going to be more opportunities in 2015.

Good luck, thank you and have a wonderful day whatever you are doing!

Photo of the Day

Kamil Sustiak

Indian Creek is famous for its rad trad climbing. It kept amazing me though how beautiful this place is too. This picture is from a few months back. I arrived late the night before and being it my first trip I was not quite sure what to expect. When I woke up the next morning the weather was stormy and cold but just enough sun was let through to brighten up the colors of the fall. I was sold and fell in love with this place straight away. I remember that for the next whole month I did not get much sleep there though as these morning just kept coming …